Are you ready to move your derriere from the couch to the seat of your car when watching a movie?  If so Coldwater’s Capri Drive-In Theater’s owners say drive on in they are opening this Friday even if Whitmer’s “orders” say they cannot.

Did you know there are only 9 Drive-in theaters in the state of Michigan?  That really curtails the ability of young people to experience the time-honored tradition of seeing how many people you can stuff in your trunk to see a movie.  Another memory stolen by time.  Although the trunks of vehicles today are quite a bit smaller than we use to drive in the 70’s and 80’s.

As reported in the Battle Creek Enquirer the owners Tom and Susan Magocs have been asking the Governor for permission to open their drive-in theater and they are tired of waiting for an answer so they decided to just open.

Susan told the Enquirer:

“Why do I want to have my drive-in open?...Because it’s going to take you back where you can just remember, 'I can sit here and forget about things that I can’t change.' I’m giving people a night out."

That being said this Friday, they plan to open their season with "Smokey and the Bandit, Jurassic Park, Trolls World Tour and Sonic the Hedgehog."

As Susan stated:

"We’ve already been shorted two months, so we hope we can play catch-up…And the theater can be used for other things so we can catch up and store those nuts for the winter again."

They might have one small problem, the only political leader since the declared emergency is Whitmer and she has not given them permission to open.  According to a statement from Whitmer’s office they are:

"in constant contact with health and business experts to build a path forward for each industry, and consistent with our executive orders drive-in movie theaters are to remain closed to the public at this time."

To that Susan’s husband Tom said:

“We’re open…We’ll wait and see what happens.”

Tom and Susan are not throwing caution in the wind they told the Enquirer that their:

“customers must remain in their cars, and bathrooms will be open but limited to no more than five customers at a time. The snack bar will be open for carry-out only, and orders can be made and delivered through the FanFood app.”

The owners of the Capri Drive-in do make a very good point when they talk about the inconsistencies in Whitmer’s executive orders.  They point to Short's drive-in root beer stand that is not very far from them in Coldwater and the fact that Whitmer has “proclaimed” the drive-in root beer stand to be essential and allowed to remain open.  They point to the fact the Short’s offers essentially the same services and risks of exposure as they do.

As I have stated in the past the problem many people have with Whitmer’s orders is the fact that they are capricious and haphazard on who she allows to stay open and who she shuts down.  People who sell marijuana and alcohol can stay open while others must shutdown.  You can buy lottery tickets and get abortions, because she stated on national television that abortions are “life-sustaining”, but you cannot sit in your vehicle at a drive-in movie theater.

Tom Magocs stated he has contacted the Branch County Health Department and Sheriff's Office about opening this Friday and "they don't have a problem".  He went on to say:

“I called the authorities and they’re not going to harass us…Hopefully, come 5 o’clock this Friday, (Whitmer's) order is going to be null and void. Hopefully. We’ll see. We’re going to open."

Well we will see what happens come this Friday but it appears that the Dam is starting to crack and more businesses are opening despite what Whitmer “orders” them to do.

Am I for breaking the law, NO!  The problem is whether Whitmer’s Executive Orders are truly the law these days.  Whitmer’s emergency declaration which all of her Executive Orders stem from seems to be in conflict with the law.

Whitmer has stated that willful violations of her Stay Home/Stay Safe/House arrest executive order can result in a $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail for each offense.  If she is found guilty of violating the law with her extension of her Emergency Declaration without consent from the State House and Senate will she be fined $500 dollars a day since April 28th and/or thrown in jail for 90 days for each of her offenses?


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