Last week I informed you about the most vulgar person in Congress, unfortunately she is from Michigan.  Her name is Rashida “MF'er” Tlaib and she currently holds the seat in Michigan’s 13th gerrymandered district, which by the way looks like a pretzel.

In fact the Democrat’s gerrymandered that district so effectively when they were in power a Republican never runs against the Democrat.  That means whichever Democrat wins their primary wins the seat.

The extremely classy Michigan’s Democratic “Congresswoman” Rashida "MF'er" Tlaib’s re-election campaign is selling T-Shirts that state:

Impeach the MF

As I stated last week it gets even worse, she has embedded those words in our American flag and then added her first name underneath it.  Shows you how much she cares about the flag and our country.

Here they are sold by

From: Tlaib re-election campaign via
From: Tlaib re-election campaign via

When many people pointed out just how vulgar her mouth and T-Shirts she is selling are, not to mention her total disrespect for the office of the Presidency The Detroit News reported that she said:

Instead of the t-shirts, focus on this President’s criminal, impeachable behavior

She has now added that language to her repertoire of anti-Semitic remarks.

She then laughingly said:

Impeachment is serious - I know this. But it is a mistake to try to equate t-shirts with the destruction of our democracy or try to paint those who’ve risked our safety calling for it, as not taking it seriously...If there is anyone who takes impeachment seriously it is myself & the people I fight for everyday. Whether or not you agree with the expression, the t-shirts are to bring levity to my supporters. A senior in my district said, It feels liberating.

So serious to her she must use such vulgar language.  Is this what the Democratic Party has come to, I ask this because not one elected Democrat or the media has admonished her for her language or her T-Shirts.

Apparently Democrat’s in her district are just as vulgar and nasty as her.  Well they did vote for her so she must be representative of them.

How as a country are we going to come together with people like Michigan “Congresswoman” "MR'er" Tliab in office?

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