It's the worst feeling to realize you've been doing something the wrong way for practically your entire life. It doesn't make it any better that certain products don't tell you the optimal way to use them.

They give you the product in a box and effectively say "Here, don't overthink it." But, if you do think about it, you realize they could have put the best methods for use somewhere on the box.

But then we wouldn't have random Internet life pro tips to tell you how to store basic kitchen tools.

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I try to keep things in my kitchen as simple as possible. I'm just now kind of learning to experiment with my cooking, so I need my tools in easy-to-reach places. That said, there are some tools where it doesn't seem to matter what I do, it's a total pain to use.

Plastic wrap never cooperates with me, always sticking to itself and tearing off wrong. Then it doesn't even wrap onto the plate or bowl I'm using it on. Honestly, I avoid it at all costs.

But, this is because I have been storing it wrong, and so have you.

Most people keep their plastic wrap in a drawer or on a pantry shelf near things like aluminum foil and baking paper. My apartment kitchen lacks storage, so mine sits on top of the microwave. These are examples of where not to keep your plastic wrap.

According to this life pro tip from Readers Digest, you should keep your plastic wrap in the freezer.

Apparently, keeping your plastic wrap in the freezer allows the wrap to lose its stickiness by drowning the static electricity. Once you take the wrap out for use, the stickiness will return after you've had the chance to get as much as you need and wrap up your food.

Look, at this point, I've told you about a few things you should keep in your freezer, and I'm already out of space as it is. Thankfully, Readers Digest says you only need to put the plastic wrap in the freezer for roughly 10-15 minutes for the magic to work.

For other tips related to freezing your plastic wrap, check out Readers Digest's article here.

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