For the second time in six months, Albion’s City Manager has announced her resignation.

WWMT reports that City Manager Sheryl Mitchell released her resignation letter over the weekend, and in it she encourages the city to rely on the professionals in the city management team during the transition period. Mitchell’s resignation will be effective March 31, and she says she will work to help ensure her departure is smooth.

Sheryl Mitchell has served with Albion as City Manager since 2014. She did not give a reason in this letter for her resignation.

In October, she said she would resign from her job with the city after she felt city council members were trying to undermine her, but she rescinded that resignation before it took effect. This discussion over Mitchell's treatment led to recall efforts against City Councilors and Mayor Garrett Brown and Mayor Pro-Tem Sonya Brown.

The effort against Sonya Brown was dropped in December, but the one against Garrett Brown is still moving forward.

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