A weekend testing event in Albion for those that did not have access to COVID-19 testing fared well for Calhoun County residents.

The Calhoun County Joint Operations Center announced Monday that just under 700 local residents were tested during the two days and ten hours total where testing took place. The event took place after the announcement was made May 29th. The Calhoun County Public Health Department was assisted by the Michigan National Guard, Michigan State Police, City of Albion, Albion Michigan Ministerial Association, the Albion NAACP, and other local groups. The department stated that the expected community turnout for the event at Opportunity High School in Albion was exceeded, yet testing with moved along smoothly with very little waiting time.

Through a press release from the Joint Operations Center, Public Health Director Brigette Reichenbaugh stated -

The community support and engagement that was shown, especially by multiple volunteers and with access to necessary supplies, ensured the success of this testing event.

The department announced that the tests from the weekend have been sent to the lab for processing. The earliest test results may be available as soon as June 2nd (Tuesday). Those that participated in the event should expect a call from the department or the National Guard with results and guidance. The department also reminds those that have been tested for COVID-19 and results come back negative, it means that you were not sick at the time of testing but could become ill later if you were possibly exposed to the virus.

There is a potential of other mass-testing events in Calhoun County that are being planned but there have not been additional dates announced. The Joint Information Center will have announcements in the future, or you may follow the Calhoun County Public Health Department's Facebook page for more information.

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