U.S. and Michigan flags will be lowered to honor military service members killed in a deadly terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered U.S. and Michigan flags to be lowered to half-staff through Monday, August 30, in accordance with a proclamation issued by President Biden.

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All U.S. and Michigan flags within the State Capitol Complex and upon all public buildings and grounds across the State of Michigan to be immediately lowered to half-staff. The order is being issued to honor and remember the American service members who died in the terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

On Thursday, two suicide bombers struck a crowd outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing at least 13 American service members, and injuring dozens of others. Military officials have not yet released the names of those killed in the attack.

In a Thursday evening press conference, President Biden said this of the terrorist attack

To those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes America harm, know this: We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.

Michigan residents, businesses, schools, local governments, and other organizations also are encouraged to display the flag at half-staff. Flags should be returned to full-staff on Tuesday, August 31.

To lower flags to half-staff, flags should be hoisted first to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The process is reversed before the flag is lowered for the day.

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