More details are coming out regarding the stabbing incident at Battle Creek's Walmart store.

One of the victims, 36-year-old Jason Brown, tells 95.3 WBCK that the evening of April 20, he had been in his vehicle with his wife and son in the parking lot of the Walmart on B Drive in Emmett Township, when they were almost struck by a truck. He says the truck had been swerving and zig-zagging through the parking lot at high speeds.

Brown says that he got out of his vehicle to confront the driver, leading the truck's driver to exit and punch him in the face. He says he "defended himself", and while that altercation was taking place, a passenger exited the truck and stabbed him in the back with a knife. The second suspect also attacked Brown's 17-year-old son with the knife.

Brown says the suspects then re-entered their truck and attempted to run them over, before they sped off after Brown punched their side-mirror and window.

36-year-old Jason Brown says he suffered a stab wound to the back, and that the knife came close to hitting his lung. His 17-year-old son, he says, suffered several wounds to his arm, and had to have 28 stitches.

95.3 WBCK spoke with Detective Seth Graves from the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety, and he confirmed that Brown's story as shared with WBCK is the same as shared with law enforcement. Detective Graves said that they have located their two suspects and interviewed them, and recovered the vehicle involved in the incident.

Detective Graves also characterized other media reports that the stabbing was over a parking spot or a woman as inaccurate, saying he had "no clue" where that story originated.

The EDPS is currently working on a package of information to forward to the Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office.

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