Governor Whitmer announced at a press conference yesterday that she is not ready to give up total power over the entire state of Michigan.  At that press conference, Whitmer announced that she will extend Michigan's state of emergency, which is set to expire this Friday.   She stated Michigan will remain in a state of emergency through July if not longer.

Whitmer went on to justify her extension of her state of emergency by informing us that every state has “some form of a state of emergency” in place. I contend that the keywords are “some form”.  The Governor is going to keep the entire state in a state of emergency.  She went on to say:

We will remain in some form of a state of emergency order...All 50 states are in some form of state of emergency and we will have to be as well.

You really have to ask yourself when will the elected Democrat state Representatives and Senators tell Governor Whitmer behind the scenes that enough is enough and they are not useless, they are an equal co-branch of government.  Does the Governor and the elected Democrat state Representatives and Senators not realize there are 3 equal branches of government?  Let me inform them in case they are not aware that there is the:

  1. Executive Branch (The Governor)
  2. Legislative Branch (Representatives and Senators)
  3. Judicial Branch (Supreme Court and lower courts)

These elected Democrat state Representatives and Senators would be screaming from the mountain tops if a Republican Governor was to keep such control for so long over the state effectively rendering them useless.

I also would like to know if Governor Whitmer has decided to keep total control over the state why are we paying these state Representatives and Senators.

I know the argument from state Representatives and Senators will be that there is still work for them to do but in the end, Whitmer’s Executive Orders will always trump any decisions or laws they attempt to move forward.

With that in mind can you believe that Whitmer actually stated:

I want to be very clear, any attempt to strip away the powers of the governor during this crisis is irresponsible, dangerous and foolish

She has completely stripped away the power of the state Representatives and Senators rendering them basically useless.  Do you think she actually thought about what she said or just made the statement off the cuff and did not realize how badly that came off?

Governor Whitmer let our elected state Representatives and Senators go free or do you see that biblical statement to be:

Keep my people in a state of emergency, so that they may worship me.

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