The City of Battle Creek has tallied the costs it incurred associated with President Trump's campaign rally held in the city and is now seeking reimbursement.

The City of Battle Creek has tallied the costs associated with the December 18th presidential campaign rally, and will seek reimbursement for approximately $93,000 in costs. That sum includes the $50,000 Battle Creek's Chief of Police estimated the rally cost his department.

Staff costs comprise over 95 percent of that total and include staff from the Fire Department, Police Department, city building maintenance, Department of Public Works, Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field, and Battle Creek Transit.

These totals do not include salaried staff who participated in rally planning and day-of activities.

The other less-than 5 percent of the total cost came from translation of the city’s logistical information into Spanish and Burmese; supplies like concrete blocks and barricades; and city vehicle use.

These costs are separate for Kellogg Arena, the event venue. While the city owns the arena, the Cereal City Development Corp. operates it, and handles event contracts and costs. The presidential campaign signed a contract to hold the rally at the arena, and the arena’s costs totaled approximately $33,000. As with the city’s costs, the majority of that is for labor and equipment.

Kellogg Arena has submitted an invoice for payment to the campaign. City administrators plan to submit a reimbursement request to the campaign, and other federal agencies.

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