Monday night, the Calhoun County Election Commission will be considering the clarity and factuality of a petition to recall the mayor of Albion.

Early this month, recall language was resubmitted for Albion’s Mayor Garrett Brown; the petition language says that the recall is sought due to Brown’s alleged mistreatment of Albion City Manager Sheryl Mitchell, and because it recently came to light that Brown had a personal protection order filed against him by a resident for alleged stalking.

Back in October, recall language had been submitted for Mayor Brown as well as Mayor Pro Tem Sonya Brown, but those were turned down by the Election Commission for not being factual and clear.


At the meeting tonight, Chad Baase, who is sponsoring the recall, will speak, and then Mayor Brown will speak, before the Election Commission decides whether or not to allow the recall to go forward. If the commission approves, petitions will then be circulated among Albion voters.

if enough valid voter signatures are collected, Mayor Brown’s recall will be on a future ballot.

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