Whenever the Republican Party brings up voter fraud the left runs to their minions in the media and decries foul.  They say that there is no proof that there is voter fraud and the Republicans are just sexist, racist, islamiphobic, xenophobic and deplorable people.  Can we consider dead people voting a case of voter fraud?

Well once again we have proof of voter fraud.  The Washington Examiner is reporting about dead people voting in the state of Colorado and Wisconsin.

CBS4, a local media outlet in Colorado, uncovered a number of dead people voting in their research for just one county in Colorado.  El Paso County Clerk told CBS4 that:

Somebody was able to cast a vote that was not theirs to cast

They went on to say that there is a “very serious” pattern of people mailing in ballots of dead people.

The Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams was quoted in the article stating:

We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred. It shows there is the potential for fraud

Authorities in El Paso County Colorado stated they found 78 deceased people on their voter rolls after the CBS4 report was published.

There was another incident of voter fraud in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2004.  The Milwaukee Wisconsin Police Department reported in 2008 that there was an "illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome of [the 2004] election in the state of Wisconsin."  How did they determine that?  Well there were 5,000 more votes counted than the number of voters who officially cast ballots.

5,000 more!

These 5,000 fraudulent votes were cast in a state that the vote was decided by just 12,000 votes.

Do not think that it could not happen here in Michigan.  The more opportunities we give people to vote illegally the more voter fraud will occur.

That is why every vote counts, your vote counts.  Your vote might just well be needed to offset a fraudulent vote.

When you think your vote does not count please think of this article and what happened in the 2001 George W. Bush vs Al Gore presidential campaign and Florida.

Voter fraud is very serious because it cancels out the vote of someone who does actually want their voice, via a vote, to be heard on any election.  This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is a bipartisan American issue.

So please stand with me and take the issue of voter fraud seriously, we are taking about the American way of life here, we are talking about Democracy and we are talking about liberty and freedom.

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