Once again, it’s time for those two dreaded words that most people, living in Southwest Michigan, wince at the hearing; ”Spring Ahead”. Bar revelers will enjoy having closing time extended an extra hour, while churchgoers may wander into services an hour late. 

In order to keep your daily duties on the right track, you may want to set your clock ahead one-hour, sometime Saturday evening, to adjust for the antiquated Daylight Savings Time. 

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Blame for this bi-annual farce can be laid upon the shoulders of Benjamin Franklin, the dude that thought it was a bright idea to fly a kite with a metal string during an electrical storm, in order to prove a theory.

Clara Bow with a clock
Actress Clara Bow Is On Top of The Time Change            Hulton Archive/Getty Images

 Some believe Franklin was just joking when he wrote a letter to the editor of The Journal of Paris, suggesting that waking up earlier in the summer would economize on candle usage. Unfortunately, it would begin the wave of doom upon drive-in movie theaters in the 1960s. Not many movie lovers would choose to park at the drive-in, waiting for the feature film to begin at 10:30 PM. 

Rolling Time
Time Rolls On                     Sasha/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Civilizations throughout the ages have tried to come up with a solution to adjust daily schedules to the sun. The Romans kept time with water clocks that had different scales for different months of the year. It was based on latitude and the solstice, or some kind of wild theory. No doubt, this wet mess probably led to the fall of the Roman Empire. 

Anna Ludmilla
Ballerina Anna Ludmilla Marks Time            Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The latest effort of Michigan legislators, to deal with the plague of Daylight Savings Time, was in January of 2021, when legislation was introduced by Republican Rep. Michele Hoitenga that would have eliminated Michigan’s Daylight Savings Time. It made it through the House with bipartisan support but died in a Senate committee. 

So, for at least another year..... “Spring Ahead” this Sunday, March 12th

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