We have gone from not knowing at all that Governor Whitmer left the state to go to another state she told us all not to go to.

We then learned that she did go to Florida but refused to tell us how she got there.

That led to us finding out that she took a private plane owned by three of Michigan's most prominent political donors and held under the name Air Eagle LLP.

This then led us to her administration telling us that the use of the private jet was not a gift and not paid by taxpayer funds.  She then told reporters:

“I've said everything I'm going to say about my trip to go check on my father. It was a quick trip. It was an important family reason for doing it, and I've got nothing to add."

That then led to her telling us that a very generous “social welfare” nonprofit organization called Michigan Transition 2019 paid her $27,000 plus bill.  Ask yourself why would a “social welfare” nonprofit group spend $27,000 to pay for Whitmer’s use of a very expensive private jet plane for a non-governmental reason?  I reported on Monday that the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School stated:

“Federal tax law prohibits nonprofits from the practice of inurement, which is the use of nonprofit income or assets to excessively benefit an individual who has a close relationship with the tax-exempt organization”

That then led us to find out that the company that chartered her that flight might be in trouble with the FAA when a spokeswoman for the FAA, Elizabeth Isham Cory, told the Detroit Free Press any company that wants to perform charter flights must have what they call a Part 135 certificate from the FAA, Air Eagle, LLP does not have one.

This now leads us to Gov. Whitmer’s current problem.  A watchdog group called Michigan Rising Action yesterday filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service concerning the nonprofit-sponsored private jet plane Gov. Whitmer took to Florida last March.  A trip she took before she even received her first vaccination shot.

According to reporting by the Washington Free Beacon the executive director of Michigan Rising Action, Eric Ventimiglia stated the cost of the flight paid by the “social welfare” nonprofit group represented an improper personal benefit to Gov. Whitmer.

According to IRS code, a 501(c)(4) organization:

"must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare" and "may not inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual."

Will the IRS investigate Gov. Whitmer, what do you think?

My guess is they will sweep it under the rug or find her to have not violated any laws or perhaps find some problem with what she did and give her a very tiny fine.  A fine certainly a lot less than the $27,521 dollars the “social welfare” non-profit group paid for her use of the jet.

As I wrote before I would not be surprised if we later find out that it took this long to finally inform us of who paid for the jet because of another reason.  That reason was this flight was paid for by someone else that was not legal under campaign finance laws and it took them this long to figure out what to do and who would help them get out of this mess by cooking their books.

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