How many more examples are needed to convince people that the Executive Orders signed by Whitmer apply to everyone except protestors protesting her favored causes, her family, and above all herself?

I have pointed out that the Governor does not have a problem with protestors getting together to spread the virus, in fact, she joined them.

I have pointed out her husband dropping her name to attempt to get their boat pulled out of dry dock before everyone else before the Memorial weekend.

I have pointed out how Governor Whitmer does not wear a mask when discussing COVID-19 issues in public with her sign language person within 6 feet of her and neither of them wearing a mask.

Now just hours after signing Executive Order 2020-160 which reinstated restrictions on gatherings in northern Michigan to limit indoor gatherings to 10 people and outdoor gatherings to 250 people for the Upper Peninsula and much of Northern Michigan, she attends an outside ceremony of over 700 people.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle is reporting that last Friday, Governor Whitmer visited Camp Grayling to take part in the ceremonial inspection of troops at the Michigan National Guard’s Pass and Review.  At that ceremony, she spoke to 620 assembled troops and approximately 100 civilians.  Executive order 2020-160 went into effect at 12:01 a.m. last Friday and the event at Camp Grayling took place at about 9 a.m.  It only took her 9 hours to break her own rule that must be a record.

Whitmer’s spokesperson said that her appearance at this event did not send mixed messages.

When that spokesperson was asked if the Governor’s executive order includes exceptions that would have permitted gatherings of more than 250 for state or military personnel, her spokesperson gave absolutely no response.

Need I say more!

Since 3 Democrats and 1 Republican (Beth Clement) on Michigan’s Supreme Court decided that the case filed by the State House and Senate challenging Whitmer’s interpretation of the 1945 emergency powers act and ignoring the 1975 emergency powers act was not important enough to take up immediately, we the people must do something about this.

We the people must send a message to Governor Whitmer and the Democratic Party that we do not appreciate what they are doing to this state as well as not following their own executive orders.

That message should come in the way of voting against anyone in that party or simply not voting for a Democrat this fall.


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