Kellogg Community College is ramping up their efforts to educate people in the skilled trades fields, thanks to a new grant.

KCC says Tuesday that the three year, $2.85 million grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation will allow them to create an initiative that aims to train people in various fields, for jobs right here in Battle Creek. KCC is teaming up with Goodwill, Michigan Works!, the Calhoun Area Career Center, the Battle Creek College Access Network and area school districts to help guide unemployed adults as well as high school students towards the path to career readiness.

A key of the initiative is the Innovative Accelerated Credential Training, or iACT, which aims to help participants earn credentials in fields such as manufacturing and production, in short term blocks. Participants in the program will also learn financial and money management skills, and will receive help with things like child care and transportation that traditionally are barriers to getting educated.

For the full press release on this topic, click here. 

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