Rashida needs some serious psychological help.  She has so much hate in her heart soul and mind it must be eating away at her from the inside out.  As most people know the Democrats attempted for the 3rd time to impeach President Trump.  The first time they failed the second time they succeeded but removal in the Senate failed and this third time they also succeeded in the House, Senate trial pending.

That is not what this piece is about, what this is about is the awful behavior that Rashida commits day after day embarrassing her District and the state of Michigan.  This time the Daily Caller is informing us of her behavior on the floor of the House.

With absolutely no proof she called the President of the United States “racist-in-chief”.  Her full statement is as follows:

“In Michigan’s 13th we proudly speak truth to power, even in the face of a racist-in-chief...Those who incited an attack on the people’s house do not get to talk about healing and unity. They have torn this country apart. They have stoked the fire and then handed the gasoline to Donald Trump. Dr. King once said: ‘True peace is not the absence of tension. It is in the presence of justice.'”

This coming from a person who has been inciting, endorsing and enabling the attacks on government people (cops and politicians), government property (the burning of police and city vehicles and buildings), the siege of government buildings (police stations, city government offices and federal courthouses) and the political assassination of people from their opposing ideologies.  I could go on but it is getting awfully embarrassing for her.  I am pretty sure that she does not care, it appears that she carries all of that like a badge of honor.

This also coming from a known anti-Semite who has called for the destruction of Israeli, thus the murder of all Jewish people who live there.

Another bigoted Democrat politician Missouri Rep. Cori Bush referred to President Trump as:

“a white supremacist president who incited a white supremacist insurrection”

These people have zero morals or ethics and they spew filth out of their mouths at warp speed if needed.  It does not matter if it is true or not and the media gladly reports it.  The sad thing is people in their Districts enable this and in fact, incite their behavior by voting for them.

God help this country!

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