Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker and his department regularly work closely with the department of Michigan State Police. Troopers and investigators with the state often work alongside city police and detectives on all kinds of cases and crime prevention programs. But this one, probably not so much.

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State Police are announcing the first-ever trooper academy specifically being offered to current law enforcement officers.  In other words, the state is now actively recruiting current law enforcement officers from departments throughout Michigan to jump ship. Having the required state certification along with enforcement experience makes entry to the state police a lot easier. The new academy is nearly two-thirds shorter than what is staged by the MSP for green recruits.

But as law enforcement departments feel the pinch of recruiting issues, mainly not enough people qualified people applying for the open positions, competition between departments for top candidates is building. Sometimes it’s done quietly and not so public. But in this case, the state police academy is openly beckoning current police officers to move into the ranks of state troopers. This initial academy will be open to 35 recruits.

Michigan State Police Director, Col. Joseph Gasper is hoping this initial offering of what the department calls a “lateral academy” is a success. "As we continue to improve and modernize our recruiting and selection processes, holding a lateral entry recruit school for licensed police officers is a logical next step. Many other state police agencies across the country have similar successful programs and I'm pleased to offer this opportunity for officers here in our state."

Anyone interested in the Battle Creek City Police recruiting program can connect here.  Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek is also offering a part-time law enforcement training academy making it easier for recruits to get trained without a full-time commitment.

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