Michigan’s Upper  Peninsula just got slammed again.  Following a one two punch of big back to back storms around Thanksgiving. Those two storms  dropped thousands of trees across the Upper Peninsula. This new storm is doing it all over again.

Chippewa County may be the worst hit. That’s north of the bridge. St. St. Marie is the county seat. The Sheriff’s department overnight simply posted on its Facebook page,
“At to this time we would ask you to please stay home and not drive unless absolutely necessary. We have hundreds of trees down all over the county.”

Photo courtesy: Chippewa County Sheriff's Department
Photo courtesy: Chippewa County Sheriff's Department

Over the last 36 hours, the area got hit with a combination of heavy rain, then freezing rain, then heavy wet snow, all aggravated by strong gusty winds coming in off Lake Superior.  No one is offering a prediction of when roads in the county may be opened back up for normal driving.

Lots of snowmobile trails across the UP had great snow conditions the last couple weeks. But then warm temperatures and some rain turned those to slush. Some were still blocked over the past weekend from downed trees from the Thanksgiving week storms. It may take some time now before things return to mornal.

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