Michigan made national news with the Michigan Conservative Coalition’s Operation Gridlock in Lansing.  The goal of the “Operation” was to bring attention to what the Coalition believes are the "irrational orders" coming from the Governor.  As they pointed out to me due to Whitmer’s orders someone can buy recreational marijuana and get an abortion, but cannot buy plant seeds, cigars and paint among many other things.

Toward the end of my show Wednesday many listeners called into my show on their way to the event or had arrived at the event.  They explained that the believed there was 1000’s of vehicles already there before noon.

My listeners informed me and my audience they saw many vehicles that had American flags and Make America Great Again banners. One informed me there was even a banner spread across the Capitol lawn that said: "Security without liberty is called prison."

Michigan’s House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, told the Detroit News that he joined the protesters by waving American flags from the first-floor windows of his Capitol office. The article then stated:

“He argued the governor should be allowing reasonable changes to the stay-home order to allow people to start returning safely to work.

"My only goal is hopefully to ensure that government does hear them," Chatfield said. "I know I've heard them. I have their back and I want to do all I can to ensure their constitutional rights are protected and they can get their livelihoods back and take care of their families."

I read many news reports about this event and they all mentioned 100’s of cars that had arrived for the event, interesting.  I heard there were thousands of cars, possibly 10,000 or more.  Does the following picture of cars on the highway trying to get into the city look like 100’s of cars:

Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Coalition

One of my listeners wrote to me:

“I sat in traffic, never made it to the capital.  I was surprised to see all the people outside their cars there.  What I saw in the traffic was a lot of patriotism, eagerness to get back to work and probably a touch of peaceful rebellion.”

Another listener named Matt wrote:

“I'm here because she is killing our people and our economy. She has been ever since she got elected into office. She's had her way with our tax money despite Michigan citizens objections. Now we have a pandemic and she uses it as an opportunity to play politics and audition for VP while denying life saving treatment for the ill, killing businesses, not fixing a broken unemployment system. We allowed her to shut us down. Now that we know the curve has flattened and see her wanting to take away our Constitutional rights, it's time to let her know she will not take our rights away. She will not tread on Michigan!!! It feels good to have a voice and see our beautiful people come together from all party lines to send that message.”

Pete emailed me after attending the event:

As for how I felt, proud that so many people would band together, knowing Gretchen would try and turn it against us, to fight against this corruption. My small business is surviving so far and I feel blessed that is the case, but I know many of my friends and family that are suffering badly. PPP loans held up or denied, unemployment not available or just not enough whatever their case I fight for them first and all of us second.  When rights start to be taken the government won't stop.  Long live our country and our freedoms

The following are pictures from the event that were sent by listeners of my show:

What are your thoughts on the event and the extreme restrictions that Whitmer has imposed on Michigan residents?  Many of those orders legal experts say our unconstitutional from both the perspective of the U.S. Constitution and Michigan.