A fire in a Pennfield Township neighborhood took the life of the homeowner Friday morning.

Township firefighters received support from Emmett Township on the fire on the 100 block of Wanondoger Trail around 9am. A witness spotted smoke coming from the home The fire was located in the basement of the home spreading upstairs. The homeowner, identified as a 46-year-old man, perished in the blaze.

According to Pennfield Township Fire Chief Tim Smith, the fire started in the basement and particularly a recliner.

The cause is still being determined. The cost of damage is also being determined. The cause of death of the homeowner is pending from an autopsy, with smoke inhalation as the preliminary cause from the Michigan State Police Fire Marshal. There was no noticeable damage to the outside of the home.

Fire crews remained on the scene for roughly five hours. The investigation continues.

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