With all the crazy things that are happening these days and everyone mad at everyone it is good to just sit back and laugh once in a while.

Well thanks to the Global Warming people in Britain and the Washington Free Beacon for giving us that opportunity.

The name of the group is "Extinction Rebellion," and they were protesting the Treasury because they believe they were stopping other government agencies' efforts to combat global warming.  They were displaying a sign that said "Stop Funding Climate Death."

These Global Warming people had a great idea to spray fake blood on the British Treasury building this week, nice people right?  Well they certainly got theirs.

They drove what look to be an old fire truck up to the building, which we were informed was loaded with 1,800 liters of red paint…


Don’t these people consider themselves environmentalist?  Why would they be spraying 1,800 liters of red paint onto a government building and the paint would then be washed into the sewer system?


Isn’t paint made out of oil?  Well according to Earth Science Week it is, perhaps they were using paint that was not, we really do not know because they are not telling us.

Now the funny part, as you will see in the video below, was they immediately lost control of the fire hose and the red paint symbolizing blood started to spray all over their truck, themselves and the street.

One protester stated:

It doesn’t see that eternal economic growth leads to climate death…The red symbolizes the people dying now in the global south and also the people who are going to start dying from climate change all around the world if we do nothing.

One person who happened to be walking by the building when this occurred said:

You morons, you put everyone in jeopardy

By the way the police arrested four of the “morons” on suspicion of criminal damage.  Suspicion, really.

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